San Diego Design Studio produces high impact Times Square commercial for Merrill DataSite in record time.  Learn how we did it.


Note: Creating Times Square commercials provide an added challenge in that you need to deliver optimal visual impact because there is no audio. 


We recognize that our web design customers often come to us with huge marketing challenges and we see it as our job to deliver high value solutions even in the face of potential obstacles.


Such was a case last month, when one of our clients, Merrill DataSite, the world’s leading Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution, secured a tremendous opportunity to advertise on one the massive Jumbotrons in Times Square, New York, New York. However, there was one obstacle that had to be overcome: Merrill DataSite needed to conceptualize, write, produce, edit, and deliver a 30 second commercial within five days or forfeit its placement. As such, Merrill DataSite’s marketing team reached out to KiddGlobal for the solution.

“KiddGlobal  helped us take advantage of an unexpected opportunity by delivering a high quality, compelling video within an incredibly short period of time” notes Richard Martin, Senior Director of Merrill Corporation.  We set a very demanding schedule and KiddGlobal delivered something exceptional.  Enough said.”


How we did it:


1.  Collaborate brutally and transparently with stakeholders

Merrill DataSite’s marketing team had a big idea and vision for their commercial, but needed help bringing their story to life.  KiddGlobal’s creative team headed to the virtual whiteboard with Merrill DataSite’s marketing team, debating and exploring many different concepts, directions, and storyboards real time.   Because of the time crunch, these discussions were direct and brutally honest.  As a result, feedback in both directions was essentially immediate, which accelerated the entire creative process toward a great end.


2.  Focus on the business objectives

Whatever the marketing effort and regardless of the time crunch, a marketing team must always keep its company’s business objectives paramount. As such, we were able to write a succinct script with the messaging that resonates with the desired audience, while fulfilling the company’s branding objectives.


3.  Rely on a talented creative team

Our Branding and Marketing Consultant, Mike Kidd, took the lead by channeling the client message and concept. Our Creative Director, T.C. Badalato (LA Web Design Company) led the process of bringing the script to life with imagery, animation, and continuity.


Today, Merrill DataSite’s marketing team has a Times Square commercial they are proud of and one they can repurpose with audio throughout their social media assets.


My take-a-ways that might apply to your business are that if you collaborate, focus like a laser on the end goal, and secure talented people, anything is possible.  Thus, be fearless in seizing opportunities.

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