There is a lot of talk about flash websites, and much of it is just plain wrong.  As with any technology, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Flash is a browser plugin, it offers extended features than the normal browser.  Flash is pre-installed on most laptops and desktop machines and is a free download.  According to Adobe, it is installed on 98% of computers, but I suspect this does not figure into mobile devices and tablets.

Flash is NOT compatible with iPads or iPhones and we do not expect this to change.  Apple’s Steve Jobs has a very strong stance that the flash player is a resource hog on iOS devices and has a tendency to crash. My own experience shows that there can be issues, particularly when developers do not know how to design, animate and program.

Does this mean flash is dead?  No way.  Flash is still utilized by many of the movie studios, as well as many web developers.  Flash can do things that no other tool can do.  For websites, a full flash site gives the user a unique experience with transitions, animations and even sound (which is abused very often).  From the server side, flash can stream video and real-time video chats.  It is incredibly powerful.  There are many other solutions for video, and these methods are being implemented all over the web.  HTML 5 is the solution, but it does not have near the penetration that flash has – YET.  It will soon.

Our flash websites are now built with alternative content for non-flash users (iphone, ipad, etc).  This way the majority of users will get the experience and no users will be shut out of content.  This also allows for ideal search engine optimization.

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